The year 2022-2023's curriculum has been set up to give your children an uplifting, informative, and fun year. Our topic will be My Jewish Home. We will 'walk through' every room in our homes; we will experience every part of our daily routine and understand how it can be maximized and best utilized to connect to our Jewish identity.

With a tri-fold board we will recreate the lessons and build a mini-Jewish home as we go along.

Topics we will cover include: Mezuzah, Tzedaka, Modeh Ani, Shema, Jewish uniform and birthday, Horing One's Parents, Food Blessings, Kosher, Loving Kindness, Gratitude and so much more.

We will cover the Jewish holidays and prepare your children to tap into the energy of each one. From Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur, Tu B'Shvat to Chanukah, Purim to Pesach, we don't miss a beat!

The prayers we begin with in September will slowly build up until your child can comfortably recite:

Modeh Ani
Hareini Mekabel
Blessing of the Torah
Blessings for vision, health, clothing and food
Asher Yatzar
Ma Tovu
Adon Olam
Ein Kelokeinu