Rabbi Silbeberberg with President Bush
Monday, August 30, 2004

On Monday, August 30, President George W. Bush was in Taylor, Michigan meeting the people, listening to their concerns, and addressing them.  (Chodesh Elul, Melech Basodeh)
Rabbi Silberberg was on the dais with President Bush and had a few occasions to speak with the President.

Rabbi Silberberg thanked the President for being a true friend of Israel, and encouraged him in his difficult mission of being our Commander and Chief. President Bush told Rabbi Silberberg of his current verbal defense of Prime Minister Sharon.
Our sages tell us that "Lev Milachim B'Yad Hashem," the heart and direction of the rulers are in the hands of the Almighty.
May Hashem guide and strengthen our President, President Bush, to lead the United States and the world, in the right direction, and help bring peace and justice to Israel, the United states, and the world.


Thank you to Alex & Sara Skoczylas for obtaining the special dais seating pass for Rabbi Silberberg.

Thank you to Rabbi Meir Kranczer for taking and sending us the pictures.