Bais Chabad opens an inclusive Mikvah

Spearheaded by Bais Chabad of West Bloomfield, the Mikvah is a labor of love with an inclusive committee of women from various local synagogues coming together to better understand the needs of, and to service, local Jewish women. 

The Mikvah, constructed inside the Bais Chabad building, is a place where women from all communities are welcome to come and experience a private and uplifting immersion. Building two Mikvahs, one for women and one for men, allows for an exclusive, relaxed and wholesome experience.

The women’s Mikvah includes two luxurious preparation rooms, one Mikvah immersion pool and a reception room fully equipped with a Mikvah library and comfortable furniture in a carefully curated relaxing ambience. The men’s Mikvah has a preparation room and a Mikvah immersion pool.


  • Kadima Benezra
  • Miriam Benezra
  • Ruth Hadad
  • Estee Jaffe
  • Laya Kleinman
  • Tzippy Mishulovin
  • Terry Schloss
  • Elisheva Shomer
  • Chaya Sara Silberberg
  • Zeesy Silberberg
  • Esther Trager