Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin

The Silberbergs


Rabbi Elimelech and Chaya Sarah Silberberg came to West Bloomfield with two small children in November 1975, shluchim (emissaries) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. They embraced the quiet, suburban community, encouraging people from all levels of observance to learn and increase their participation in Jewish life.


During their over twenty-five years here they have transformed a fledgling shul, that in its early years barely attracted a minyan, into a thriving Torah Center which serves not only the West Bloomfield Bais Chabad community, but the Jewish population of the entire Metro Detroit area.


The rabbi gives classes on virtually every subject in Judaism.Anyone wanting to learn will find a willing teacher in the Rabbi who, even in the most inclement weather, will show up to teach even a class of one.


In addition to his seemingly endless responsibilities as spiritual leader and teacher, Rabbi Silberberg has authored three scholarly texts on halacha (Jewish law) and Torah thought. He also sits on the Presidium of the Vaad Horabonim (Council of Orthodox Rabbis) of Detroit, is executive director of the Detroit chapter of F.R.E.E. (Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe), and sits on the boards of local and national institutions, such as Bais Menachem Academy and the Vaad Horabonim of Lubavitch in America.


Chaya Sarah's quick wit and "tell it like it is" style are as much her trademark as the delicious, freshly baked challahs that arrive at the doorstep of anyone new in the community, celebrating a simcha, or G‑d forbid facing illness or loss. Besides raising ten wonderful children and teaching high school, Chaya Sarah is an indefatigable role model for the women of the community and beyond. She leads a women's study group and the women's Torah Twosomes Bais Medrash program, teaches classes on many Jewish subjects, provides counseling and guidance, and is involved in all aspects of shul life. And the hospitality and delectable food that await guests at the Silberberg Shabbos table is legendary.


Perhaps the Silberbergs'  greatest accomplishment is that they have infused the growing congregation with a sense of family. Rabbi Silberberg takes the time to know each congregant personally, and reaches out to welcome each new (or old) guest at his Shabbos or holiday table with a heartfelt l'chaim!, and words of Torah.


The Rebbe has said that Chassidim are lamplighters, whose mission is to ignite the divine spark within every Jew. The Silberbergs' spirit, energy, and commitment have ignited a flame in West Bloomfield that has illuminated the path of many to Ahavas Hashem (love of G‑d), Ahavas HaTorah (love of Torah), and Ahava