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Shavuot Outdoor Services

  • Dear friend,

    After several months of Bais Chabad being closed, due to the Coronavirus, we are now planning for a limited, cautious, outdoor reopening.

    After consulting with a team of Bais Chabad doctors, some of whom have been on the front lines battling this pandemic, a decision was reached (by the Rabbis and Bais Chabad officers) to begin services in time for Shavuos, with the following guidelines in place. We have also been in touch with the local police who are satisfied with this arrangement.

    ·         Services will take place outdoors. We will use the open Sukkah space (which has been covered with a tarp), along with a giant tent (no walls) that we will be renting for this purpose.

    ·         Masks need to be worn by all participants

    ·         Seating will be spaced 6 feet apart from one another

    ·         People should bring their own Siddurim and Chumashim with them (we are happy to arrange for you to pick them up from Shul beforehand)

    ·         Anyone who feels ill or has any symptoms of COVID-19, or has had recent contact

    with an individual who has COVID-19, should remain at home. Anyone who thinks

    they may have COVID-19 should remain at home for at least 14 days after

    symptoms have resolved.

    ·         At this time, no children under the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah will be allowed to attend, due to the concern that they will not sit through the entire services.

    ·         Anyone over 65 should not participate in a Minyan without permission

    from their personal physician. The same is true for anyone with an underlying health condition, or compromised immune system.

    ·         We urge you not to use the Bais Chabad restrooms. If necessary, there will be disinfectants available and those that use the restroom should sanitize after themselves.

    ·         At this time, no food will be served on premises.

    Obviously, there are different viewpoint concerning how to go about restarting services. If you are uncomfortable joining services at this point, that is certainly understandable. Here in Metro Detroit there are some shuls opening (indoors) in time for Shavuos, and some that are not. 

    If you would like to attend services you must register to attend and commit to following the guidelines and indemnify Bais Chabad of any responsibility.

    Depending on how many people register, we will have several Minyanim. In the event that there are two minyanim, they will take place at 8:30 and 10:30 am during Shavuos and Shabbos.

    You must register by Thursday midday. If, however, services fill up (we don’t know the exact number yet, as it is dependent on how many seats will fit, with social distance, inside the tent) it will be available to those that registered first.

    May G-d bless and protect you, your families, Klal Yisrael, and the entire world.

    Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg

    Rabbi Shneur Silberberg

    Rabbi Avraham Wineberg - Administrator

    Elya Silfen - President

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