KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That I, the undersigned, do hereby make, constitute and appoint Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg my true and lawful agent to act in my place and stead for me, and in my name and in my behalf to sell all Chometz owned and possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as stated in the TORAH and defined and interpreted by the SAGES OF ISRAEL (e.g. CHOMETZ: POSSIBILITY OF
CHOMETZ, AND ALL KINDS OF CHOMETZ MIXTURES). Also, CHOMETZ that tends to harden and to adhere to a surface of inside of pans, pots or other cooking or eating utensils, of whatsoever nature, and all kinds of live animals that have been eating CHOMETZ or mixtures thereof, and to lease all places wherein the aforementioned CHOMETZ owned or possessed by me may be found, especially in the premises located at (address):
____________________________________________ and elsewhere.
Rabbi Silberberg has the full authority and power as above given to sell said
CHOMETZ and to lease said place or places wherein said CHOMETZ may be found upon such terms and upon such conditions as he, in his absolute discretion, shall deem fit and proper. Rabbi Silberberg has the full power and authority to assign or appoint a substitute or substitutes to act in his place and stead with all the same powers and authority that I have invested in HIM and I do hereby ratify and confirm all that my said agent, or his substitutes or substitute, shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents.
Further, it is my express wish and command that any & all controversies that may arise as the effect or interpretation to be given this instrument be decided by the DETROIT COUNCIL OF ORTHODOX RABBIS or their appointed representatives, sitting as a BOARD OF ARBITRATION and their decision as to all matters of law and fact shall be final. They shall have primary and exclusive jurisdiction to determine all such matters and any arbitration award for judgment given pursuant to the above shall be enforced like any other arbitration award or judgment and a judgment of any Circuit
Court shall be rendered upon the arbitration award or judgment pursuant to the
Statutes of the State Michigan in such case made and provided; And to this I hereby affix my signature on this ______________ day of Nissan in the year 5780.