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Services Schedule

Services Schedule

Shavuot with Beis Chabad of West Bloomfield

Friday, June 10, Shabbat Eve

7:20 pm - Shabbos services

7:35 pm - Plag (early candle lighting)

8:52 pm - Candle lighting

Shabbat, June 11, Shavuot Eve

9:15 am - Shabbos services and children's group followed by Kiddush

8:55 pm - Shabbos (mincha) followed by Yom Tov services

After 10:05 pm - Candle lighting

Sunday, June 12, 1st day of Shavuot

12:15 am to 4:30 am - All night Torah study.

Lectures given by Ethan Gross, Rabbi Sasson Natan, Rabbi Shlomo Kleinman, Marty Goodman, Dr. Jeff Lupovitch, Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg and Rabbi Shneur Silberberg.

Break for refreshments at 2:00 am.

4:30 am - (1st) Minyan for shacharis

10:00 am - Holiday Services, reading of the 10 Commandments (at 11 am approximately) Shavuot Ice Cream Party, and Milk and Honey catered lunch. Sponsored by MIckey and Myrna Shanker, the Leibovitch family and Renee Lerche.

6:00 pm - Women's Dessert Evening. Shavuot class for women by Zeesy Silberberg, at the home of Teri Schloss.

7:20 pm - Yom Tov evening services

Monday, June 13, 2nd day of Shavuot

9:15 am - Yom tov services followed by a dairy Kiddush

11:15 am - Yizkor

7:00 pm- Shavuot class for women by Chaya Sara Silberberg, at the home of Sarah Michlin.

8:55 pm - Mincha

10:05 pm - Yom Tov concludes

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