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Holiday Celebrations

Holiday Celebrations

High Holidays, Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, Lag B'omer


Holiday Celebrations  

Craft a beautiful Shofar from a genuine ram's horn! Bee-keeper! Inscribe with a scribe! Desgin your own honey dish and much more! Walk into Rosh Hashana well equiped and have a great time doin' it!
Join us for a family Sukkot party "Sukkah on Wheels". Enjoy live music and experience the joy of G-d's embrace: the Sukkah. Explore all of our other Sukkot celebrations here.
Dreidel House, Crafts, Donuts, and so much more! All for FREE! Also enjoy our public Menorah lighting. Details here!
In celebration of the defeat of Haman and the victory of Mordechai, Esther and the Jewish people... Join us for a Megillah reading, Haman bashing, and a lavish dinner. MUSIC, FUN, DRINKS AND LAUGHTER FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.
All alone this Passover? Never been to a Seder before? Looking for community? Click here to find out about Bais Chabad's Seder. Don't Pass Over the opportunity. SPACE IS LIMITED SO RSVP WITHOUT DELAY.
Kids are the highlight of this Holiday. We have just the treat to start off the summer - an Ice Cream Buffet. Kids have a great program with the reading of the Ten Commandments, stories and treats. Click here for all the details.
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